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Residential Boys Camp is as relevant today as it was 100 years ago

Stephanie Kassels

The onset of the 20th century may be mostly identified with the close out of the American Frontier, rapid industrialization and urban growth. But did you know summer camping for boys also developed at this time? The growth of the boys camping movement can be closely linked to the late 19th-century view that suggested adolescent boys needed outlets to engage in invigorating physical activity. The...

Girls Camp Great for Girls!

Liz Young

Summer camp is a place where kids come together to unplug and have fun. They experience and improve upon not only traditional summer activities such as swimming, tennis or water-skiing, but also communication, conflict resolution and accountability. However, an all-girl camp environment provides so much more.

Self-Awareness At camp, you get to find yourself and be yourself. You get to break out of the hostile stereotypes from...


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