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How to deal with homesickness while at summer camp

Kathy Kearns
As a child growing up in rural Connecticut, our daughter Janet had always been a bit of a homebody. Possessing a rather shy and reserved personality, she was a cautious soul – content to stick close to her family and friends, unwilling to “put herself out there” in uncomfortable social settings.  When it was time for college, we had assumed Janet would stay close to home. But she was unexpectedly awarded a generous college scholarship that was too good to refuse....

Looking for a summer camp? Go to a camp fair

Garrett Colgan-Snyder
The benefits of camp fairs are numerous. Camp representatives come to a place close to your home, the event helps focus what can be a complex open-ended set of decisions, and you are afforded the opportunity to compare a number of programs in one place at one time. However, the most important opportunity that a fair offers is the chance to get to know the camp personnel. Many times the person representing the camp at the fair is the director, assistant director or a high-level...

10 things to consider when choosing a camp

Claudia Jin Soo Hoo

When we make decisions for our children the first thing we think about is safety, especially when choosing our child’s resident summer camp. This is because we are entrusting others to have the same instincts we have when it comes to our children. We consider the child’s physical safety, as well as their emotional safety. We ask questions about safety precautions, emergency procedures and more.

What else should we consider when we are selecting an overnight experience for our children?

Invest in your kids by sending them to camp

Bob Strodel

The last eight years, areas of the economy that have been fairly predictable in the past have experienced a level of unprecedented uncertainty.

But one thing is for certain — one of the most important, and largest, investments we make in life, and in our future, is in the raising of our children.

In its 2014 Expenditures on Children in Families report, the United States Department of Agriculture tried to determine the average cost...

Is my child ready for residential camp?


Going to summer camp is a wonderful and fun way for a child to build self-confidence, learn and increase skills in a variety of activities, and develop an open and accepting view of all people.

Of course, camp directors want every kid to attend camp, because a summer camp is an extension of a child’s formal education. They also believe all kids can be ready for camp. Many parents also want their child to experience the wonders of residential camp, but...


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