Code of Ethics

The members of the New Hampshire Camp Directors’ Association recognize and support the concept that custody of others’ lives, and welfare, as well as the earth and its living things, calls for reverence for such life, and a dedication and commitment that must be essentially moral in nature.

The members therefore:

  • accept, respect and will be responsive to the rich human diversity of our society.
  • recognize and support the concept of an ecological conscience, that a thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community.
  • recognize and support the concept that a Camp is necessarily a total community within society, with significant impact upon its inhabitants capacity to learn, grow, develop, create, assimilate values and relate to other persons and to the earth.

In recognizing this concept each member of the Association subscribes to this Code. In addition, since the Association has determined that the Camp Director is the primary person responsible for actual camping practices, each member shall also require persons assuming this responsibility in their Camps to also subscribe to the Code below.

  • I shall be truthful and fair in representing my Camp and other Camps by whatever medium of communication.
  • I shall be truthful and fair in enrolling campers and in my relationship with campers and staff.
  • I shall provide a written enrollment policy for all camper applications including fees, payment schedules, discounts, dates of arrival and departure, together with a clearly stated refund policy.
  • I shall inform parents or guardians of my procedures for promptly notifying them in the event their child is hospitalized or suffers accident or illness.
  • I shall maintain in professional confidence camper and staff information, observations, or evaluations.
  • I shall promptly consult with parents or guardians as to the advisability of removing a child from Camp should it be clear that the child is not benefiting from the Camp experience.
  • I shall refrain from actively recruiting any camper or staff member known to be currently enrolled or employed in another Camp.
  • I shall provide each staff member with a written job description and contract including period and terms of employment.
  • I shall be truthful and fair in dealing with other Camps and in representing the Camping Industry.
  • I shall strive to be responsive and sensitive to the local community influenced by the presence of my Camp.
  • I shall honor my financial commitments to parents, staff, vendors, and others.
  • I shall abide by this Code of Ethics of the New Hampshire Camp Directors’ Association with the procedures for the resolution of any disputes under such Code and with any final decision under such procedures.

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