What's Great About New Hampshire Camps?

10 Reasons Why There Is No Substitute For Camp

Camp provides, gives, supports, expands, teaches, prepares, embraces, offers, encourages… camp is fun!

1. Camp provides a safe environment to be who they are.
Camp provides a place where kids feel free to sing (even when tone deaf), paint (even if messy), and to speak (even if there is a stutter).
2. Camp gives the opportunity for a kid to be outside.
Kids need to get outside and create a world for themselves, not look at what was created for them by video games. 
3. Camp supports a child’s emotional, physical, and spiritual growth.
Summer camps are vital in a child’s emotional, physical, and spiritual growth in today’s world. Summer camp allows a child to exhale and slow down and not have to worry about the next text or social media notification. At camp, kids learn the importance of small talk, casual conversation, and face-to-face communication. In short, camp offers a chance to unplug, unwind, and slow down. 
4. Camp expands a child’s world.
By stepping outside of a comfort zone, a child’s world expands at camp. Children learn to take risks at camp, because it’s a safe place to try, for there are nurturing people to pick that same child up if he/she falls down. 
5. Camp teaches a variety of activities not provided in school.
There’s no better place to learn to roast a marshmallow, pitch a tent, star gaze, paddle a canoe, pet a goat, sail a boat, gallop on a horse, climb a mountain, shoot an arrow, or make a friendship bracelet.
6. Camp prepares peace makers for the world.
The diversity found at camp, gives children the opportunity to learn about different cultures and religions. Through diversity, tolerance, compassion, and knowledge are gained. Camps prepare peace makers for the world. 
7. Camp embraces all children.
Different learning styles of children are catered to seamlessly. Camp embraces all children no matter what their learning strengths or weaknesses are. Everyone’s a star at camp.
8. Camp offers an extension of formal education.
There are science, computer, and space camps that give kids a hands-on experience that expounds on what they’ve learned in school. Traditional camps build a camper’s communication skills, confidence, and environmental appreciation. 
9. Camp encourages healthy living choices.
Camp promotes healthy living choices. Kids move at camp all day long.
10. Camp is fun.
And simply put, camp is fun.

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