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Summer camp: the perfect place for kids to get ‘gritty’

MJ Parry
In recent years, the term “grit” has become a buzzword in youth development. It’s considered a highly desirable characteristic, one necessary for young people to truly excel at school, sports and in life. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines grit as “a firmness of mind or spirit, unyielding courage in the face of hardship.” Grit is shorthand for determination, bravery, resolve, and tenacity — it’s having the perseverance to keep working toward a...

Camp fun + new social skills = an A+ summer

Emily Golinsky
As schools turn more attention to test preparation and meeting complex curriculum goals, teachers have limited time to work on character and social-skill development. Recess, social time and interactions that do not directly relate to curriculum standards take a back seat to reading, writing, math and STEM. This focus on academics means that parents should emphasize different goals for summer out-of-school time — from simply keeping kids engaged with backyard games or beach trips to...

Connected through experience

James Hart
If you’re reading this, you’re most likely somewhere in the process of sending a child to camp. Maybe you went to camp and are thinking of sending your own kids. Maybe you didn’t, and the prospect is a bit scary. Perhaps you have a parent or grandparent lovingly nudging you toward a particular camp. No matter the reason, the question is, “how will my child benefit from going to camp?” The concrete benefit varies from family to family, but the potential for...

Bridging the education gap

Kathy Kearns
When you hear the phrase, “summer slide,” you might think about fun times at the water park. But the phrase refers to the documented loss of learning that occurs during summer vacation. Studies show that many youths experience a setback in their education when school takes a pause and they are away from structured learning and the discipline of the classroom. Research demonstrates that at least a month of a child’s overall ability to learn is lost over summer...

Summer camp is a lot like Fortnite

Marcy Kornreich
It’s hard to be a parent and not worry about something. When my children were younger, I refused to buy popular “blood and guts” video games because I worried it would give them a cavalier attitude towards violence. If you’re the parent of a toddler, you may worry that watching Blippi YouTube videos is destroying brain cells. And if you’ve got children age 8-18, you’re likely familiar with Fortnite, a phenomenon that’s already been downloaded more...

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