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Teens and the day camp experience

Kierstin Merlino
When it comes to day camp, it’s a win-win for parents and teens. Day camp provides a platform for teens to learn life lessons they don’t learn in school. Teens who actively participate can improve their physical, social and mental health. Healthy social interaction occurs in age-appropriate group settings and through engaging activities. Also, day camps allow affordable options for busy working parents. Education Parents will do just about anything for their children....

From campers to leaders

Lara Skinner
Picture this. Your camper is starting her first summer at camp — games, swimming, new friends and camp songs. The camp songs start making the rounds in the car a few days into camp. It could be the super-catchy Yogi Bear: I know someone you don’t know, Yogi. Yogi. I know someone you don’t know, Yogi Yogi bear… If you forget the words or tune — it is Camptown Races by the way — your camper is sure to remind you. One day when you pick her up,...

How to prepare first-time campers for a fun summer experience

Jacob Labovitz
OK, so you have made the excellent decision to give your child the gift of an overnight summer camp experience. Yikes, what now? No need to panic, everything is going to be fine. Sending your child to summer camp is one of the best things that you can do to help you raise an emotionally healthy and well-adjusted human. Just take a deep breath and try some of these helpful tips. 1. Try a sleepover Some first-timers have never slept away from the safety and security of home. Send junior...

Transitioning from a child-care center to day camp

Gretchen Carlson
Parents are faced with countless options when it comes to planning summer activities for their families. The goal, of course, is to select activities that are fun and meaningful.  Camp presents a new series of opportunities for kids to stretch themselves by learning new skills, exploring the outdoors, and testing their independence. Starting summer camp means moving toward more consistently active and thoughtful kid-centered programming. Parents of young children need to decide...

It's okay to leave your friends at home

Rob & Bob Wipfler
Being home alone did not work out so well for Macaulay Culkin. He should have gone to camp alone instead. One of the greatest benefits of the camp experience is the opportunity for a child to make lasting friendships in a new and different environment. For children to take advantage, it is best if camp is not a gathering of friends from home, sharing the same cabins and choosing the same schedules. Going to camp with friends can prevent a child from fully acclimating to camp life...

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