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How to make opening day at camp great

Carrie Kashawlic & Margaret Price
Summer camp is a wonderful adventure for campers. But sending kids to camp requires a leap of faith from parents who are leaving their child with camp counselors for two weeks. It is important to know that camp staff are screened and train extensively before campers arrive. Most camps require an application, references, interview, and criminal background check including a check of the sex-offender registry, and after that, a week, sometimes two, of on-site pre-camp training. Staff is...

The amazing ‘secret menu’ camps don’t advertise

Emily Golinsky
Camp directors work hard to portray the benefits their camp can provide to children. Camp offers the opportunity to make friends, to experience the outdoors, to “just be a kid” for a little while, to learn a hobby or sport…the list goes on and on. It’s printed on the brochure, posted on the website, talked about during introductory visits. But what stretches the list even further is the intangible and often unanticipated “gifts of learning” that...

Resilience, self-confidence and s’mores

Karen Provost & Melissa Mason
Independence, self-confidence and resilience are all hot topics in the world of child development today. According to research by the American Camp Association, a positive camp experience can help a child become more independent and responsible, develop greater confidence, and grow resilient in addition to learning leadership, social and communication skills, and all while having fun. What can parents do to ensure their child derives the maximum benefit from their camp experience? View...

Summer camp vs. other opportunities — how do you choose?

Claudia Jin Soo Hoo
Fewer kids are going to camp for the entire summer, mainly because of the large number of opportunities available to them. Many camps that have one- or two-week sessions with the option to attend three weeks or more, are finding that a majority of campers opt for shorter stays, while camps that offer operate on a four-, six-, or eight-week session are having to work extra hard to fill sessions. There is also a trend of campers arriving late or leaving camp early because of other...

Getting Generation Z to disconnect so they can connect

Hannah Weiner
It’s no exaggeration to say that this generation of campers, “Generation Z,” interacts with the world differently than generations before. The majority of this generation owns a smartphone, and they spend at least one hour a day online — with nearly half of them connected online more than 10 hours a day, according to Nielsen. These statistics may be alarming, but they also align with the reality of parenting these days – dealing with screen time allowance,...

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