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HB 1301 - Youth Employment Laws Changing 8/23/16

Ken Robbins //
Our incredible Legislative Committee, chaired by Heather Riley, has provided all NHCDA members with this valuable information about changes to Youth Employment Laws that should be beneficial to camps. As of August 23, 2016, youth employment certificates can be issued by principles and parents only after the determination of a satisfactory level of academic performance by the student.  The full text of this bill can be found here. Please take a minute and read the text of...

Governor Hassan Signs Amendment to Youth Employment Law that Benefits Summer Camps

Ken Robbins //
NH Camps received notification from the Inspection Division of the NH Department of Labor on June 9 about the upcoming change to the law for 16/17 year-old employed youths. The law and the amendment (in bold and italic) are listed below: HB 1105 exempts 16/17 year olds working in summer camps for minors from the restrictions in hours under RSA 276-A:4 VII. 276-A:4 Prohibitions.  VII. No youth 16 or 17 years of age who is duly enrolled in school shall work for more than 6...

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