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Forums: NH DHHS sessions with Day and Resident Camps

Ken Robbins //
NH Camps participated in online meetings with Terri Peck and Patricia Tilley from the NH Department of Health and Human Services to discuss the recently issued guidance from the state for this summer's operation of Day and Resident Camps. Terri and Patricia were gracious enough to record the audio from the session and supply that here for those who weren't able to attend.   Day Camps Forum   Resident Camps Forum

Seminar: Department of Labor

NHCamps Administrator //

NH Camps hosted a webinar with Michele Small from the NH Department of Labor and Steven McKinney from US DOL on Friday, April 24. The seminar was a camp-specific version of the annual training DOL delivers throughout the state. We weren't able to record the session, but Michele and Steven were gracious enough to provide their slides from the presentation, available here for download.

Webinar: Association of Camp Nursing

NHCamps Administrator //
NH Camps hosted an online meeting with Tracey Gaslin from the Association of Camp Nursing filled with advice and guidance in preparing for a healthy, safe summer this year in the face of COVID-19 as well as all of the usual concerns. Tracey was gracious enough to allow us to record the session and supply her slides for those who weren't able to attend.

2020 Spring Membership Meeting Recorded Video

Ken Robbins //
On Wednesday, April 1, 2020, NH Camps hosted its spring membership meeting remotely using Zoom. We had an unfortunate glitch for the first 20-25 minutes before we were able to lift the 100-participant cap, so for those who were kept out and missed some or all of the meeting, or for anyone who was unable to attend, the 1:30 recorded video is available here. This presentation is not without its glitches – the speaker isn't always highlighted, the shared-screen image of the agenda...

Register for the 2019 Fall Conference

Jenne Walker //
The 2019 Fall Conference is just around the corner! Register today! When? October 16, 2019 Where? Camp Brookwoods, Alton Bay, NH Cost? $10 per attendee CLICK HERE TO REGISTER The New Hampshire Camp Director's Association (NHCDA, also known as NHCamps) hopes that you will join us for a fantastic day at Camp Brookwoods, located near beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. This conference serves as an opportunity for New Hampshire camps to network, be informed and to enjoy the camaraderie...

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