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Licensing Application Process

Jillian Lynch
  1. A $200 check from the camp made out to “Treasurer, State of NH”
  2. A completed “Youth Recreation Camp Program Application,” found here: https://www.dhhs.nh.gov/oos/cclu/ycp/documents/campapplication.pdf
  3. A completed Rules Checklist found here: https://www.dhhs.nh.gov/oos/cclu/ycp/documents/checklist.pdf
  4. A COPY of the results of the national background check for the camp’s owner and/or director – both if they are different people. If the camp is "owned" by a non-individual (like a foundation), only the operator/director is needed. This is a national search and different from the DCYF search described below.
  5. A COPY of the RESULTS of the DCYF Central Registry Name Search for the owner and/or executive director (same criteria as for the background check above).
  • The DCYF Central Registry Name Search form is only required if the owner/ED has lived in NH at any point in the prior 7 years.
  • The release form for this search can be found here: https://www.dhhs.nh.gov/oos/cclu/ycp/documents/central-registry-search-release.pdf. This form must be filled out, signed before a notary public, and then notarized.
  • This RESULTS of this form should be released to the camp as the third party.
  • The notarized form is then sent to DCYF to have the background searched.
  • DCYF will return the form stamped with the results.
  • COPY of that returned form is what is sent with the license application.
  • DO NOT SEND DHHS RESULTS OF SEARCHES FOR OTHER EMPLOYEES OR BOARD MEMBERS. (The camp must run DCYF Central Registry searches on all employees and volunteers, even those under 18, who have resided in the State of NH in the past seven years. Residency includes attending a boarding school or college in the state, but these are not sent to DHHS.)

Note: In the event that you are having trouble getting forms notarized as a result of physically distancing please see guidance related to Executive Order #11 on how you may obtain secure remote online notarization.

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