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Strafford NH
Camper Ages
Session Dates
June 26 - August 22
Session Lengths
3 1/2 weeks
$5700 per session
Building Arts Science Creative Problem-solving
Number of Campers
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ACA Accredited
Available for Lease
Brian Cohen
Summer Address
55 Boy Scout Road
Strafford, NH 03884
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Winter Address
60 Sackett Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
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About Beam Camp

Beam Camp is an overnight summer program for boys and girls aged 10-17 in Strafford New Hampshire offering two 3 1/2 week summer sessions. At Beam kids learn to make their ideas happen through fine and manual arts technology and collaboration. Every summer campers collaborate on the spectacular Beam Project and engage with our full-time and visiting staff of professional architects videographers builders engineers designers and makers of all kinds. They learn the tools techniques and temperaments of creation to apply to their own plots plans and schemes. They swim hike play games and enjoy 750 acres of mountain forests and lakes while transforming ideas into artifacts and personal achievement into community success.

The centerpiece of each camp session is The Beam Project a large-scale collaborative endeavor that campers plan produce and play with. Beam selects a different distinguished artist architect or general big thinker as Project Master to conceive each summer. At session���_��_���_s end we invite all Beam Parents and Family to join us at camp for a celebration the Project���_��_���_s completion.

Proposed by art/architecture team Wignall & Moore of London England the July Beam Project (session dates: June 29 - July 24) will be ���_��_偕�_The Story of Machines That Never Flew ���_��_��_��_ an aerial installation of fantastic aircraft dreamed up by thinkers and dreamers ancient and modern. Beam campers and staff will construct and document their building of a collection of distinct mechanical and sculptural inventions to tell the stories of the designers whose imaginations soared but whose creations never left the ground.

In pragmatopia���_��_���_s ���_��_偕�_The Habitats of Parker Mountain���_��_��_��_ proposal for the camp���_��_���_s August Beam Project (session dates: July 27 - August 21) Beam campers and staff will collaborate with architecture students at the University of Kassel Germany to build human-sized interpretations of animal habitats. The international team will design and build animal abodes to suit the needs and nature of the wildlife of southern New Hampshire but for the use and enjoyment of all the inhabitants of Beam Camp.

Every week each camper chooses to explore a new Domain in-depth hands-on discovery activities in the arts sciences cultural athletic or cultural fields. They work closely with a Beam Guide or visiting expert to explore disciplines techniques or projects in smaller groups. Domains cover as wide a territory as you can imagine. We've made short movies built a catapult launched hot air balloons built wilderness shelters developed circuitry studied kung fu and built traditional Balinese gamelan instruments fashioned costumes to go along with famous fairy tales built rowboats from branches and tarps performed in improv noise bands built solar cookers and cooked dinner in them knitted bags produced plays we wrote... you name it we do it and we show kids how to too.

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